Stanza One

I keep on on my old ways and is all because of men
I try to move on fall in love but I just simply can’t
Lying from the beginning
Saying I don’t really care
Faking every feeling
So you don’t get fucking scared
“Don’t text him first”
“Make him feel thirst”
I can’t do this anymore


I can’t tell you what I feel for you
If you want to play just say you do


So until you love me
I’m just gonna love myself
And I think we both agree
I better just love myself


No courtesy for me
No courtesy in here
No courtesy for me
No courtesy anymore
What the fuck is going on
With the motherfuckin’ world?

Stanza Two

I texted you the other day
and you left me on read
Why you keep on ghosting?
Why not tell the truth instead?
I know I’m hot
I’ve seen my butt
What about what’s in my heart
Thank you for the happy moments
I can tell you so
Thank you for the broken heart
Now I can move on


Sometimes I feel there’s no one for me
But I blindly trust my destiny


So until you love me
I’m just gonna love myself
You think you deserve me
Better go and check yourself

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No Courtesy

Release Date : 4 diciembre 2019
Artist : Nasty Peach
Format : Digital Download